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Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:United States of America
Website:milky soda
I've relied on journals and diaries to vent and talk about my emotions and my life ever since I was a very smol girl. I've probably been depressed for about as long, too. I am not diagnosed, however, and can be sensitive about even saying this. Currently looking for someone to connect to in the professional field so I can stop venting as much and hopefully start seeing changes. In the meantime, I've just been trudging along trying to fix myself.

I swear like a sailor and diction sort of depends on my mood. I can be crude, eloquent or just downright weird, so if you're up for a mystery, my journal's the place to be surprised. I highly prefer interaction. I think I keep hopping around between my journals and certain social media sites because I'm kind of over shouting to the stars. I always try to comment when I feel I can, and even if I don't, I'll read just about anything. (So long as it's not super adulty).

I'm a 26 year old asexual, probably aromantic girl. Or somewhere on the aro spectrum. I'm repulsed by generic romantic stuff on a good day; don't ask about a bad day. I'm trying to build a business and develop workable time management skills, while fighting my own terrible self-confidence and attempting to lose weight. There are many bad days, and I will usually write about them because it helps to get the swirling cloud of darkness out of my head and onto something.

My main interest is building a life I actually want to live and can call my own. That's it.
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